Top Marketing Gamification Cases

Marketing gamification is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients and projects are being noticed. There is many startups out there who want to help your product with the help of gamification. This is a process which can help you create a winning product that provides an addictive experience. Even the mid-sized company can use these gamification process to target the right market segment, which can keep them actively engaged with the right audience. Casinos are one of the best places which are taking the Gamification process by storm. There are many people who are looking at the right kind of loyalty which can allow you to be the best and also help a lot of problem concerning the customers.

Nike+ Fuelband and accessories

Nike+ Fuelband and accessories

This one launch which brought about the right changes in the sports industry. When Nike launched its brand, which was a combination of a bracelet with a special technology which can easily be monitored using movements. The result of the Nike and fuel band as more than 5 million were wearing the bracelet. By the end of the next year, more than 11 million pieces were sold.

Starbucks rewards

Starbucks has always had the policy where they focus on personal services which were in favour of the consumers. There is a lot of business model which is based on the ambience. Most of the time, it is very hip and upbeat. There are many customers who can help ensure that you stay longer and enjoy your time comfortably. The reward-based system that they used was to register to my reward through an application and with each purchase, you get a free Starbucks product which you can accumulate and get something for free. There were three levels depending on the degree of loyalty. There are many more frequent visitors who were upgraded to the next level. These benefits included things like birthday gift, offers and other things which were specially designed for you.


Fantasino Casino

Fantasy casino is one place which can give you a new experience each time you visit due to gamification hitting the casino industry. There was a lot of ambition involved where the owners have been working to ensure that they get themselves ready for lunch. The dedication towards this project led them to see the business thrive. Where they introduced loyalty programs and other offers. This was a kind of project which helped secure the future of gamification casino all across the board. Due to Fantasino other casinos followed their footsteps where play frank, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino, Kaboo Casino, Thrill Casino, Casino Rizk, Casino Heros all took their chances with the gamification process and saw a growth in their business.


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