Teaching Kids About Asthama and Allergies with Wizdy Pets

New gamification startups are helping kids enjoy and improve their academic studies. Now, A new startup has created Wizdy Pets, an app that goes further in education. The app aims to teach children between the ages of 6 to 11 how to care for their asthma and allergies.

The venture’s new app is a virtual pet dragon that has asthma. This is not your everyday, happy, fire-breathing dragon because the Wizdy Pets dragon can only breathe fire if it keeps its asthma under control. With the help of the young users, the dragon can breathe fire again, and in return, the dragon teaches them how to care for their asthma and allergies.

The app features two mini-games along with the virtual pet that address the different asthma triggers and the two inhaler-centric technique that was taught to the co-founders by their advisers at the Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. An important feature of the virtual pet is showing kids the steps to take when an attack begins and what to do to stop it. This important step can save lives, and they are learning it through gamification.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology reports that knowledge is the most important part of managing asthma and allergies. When children understand their conditions and what triggers the attacks, they will experience fewer attacks.

With regards to future plans, co-founder and CEO of Wizdy, Nikita Virani, explains that the company is already developing a second app to teach children about food allergies that should be available to the public as early as this spring.

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