HR Gamification Day 2017 – Slides

Busy Busy Busy!

This week I presented an introduction to gamification and play talk at the HR Gamification Day in Madrid. It was a fabulous event, with some amazing speakers. The venue was also just incredible! A big thanks to The Key Talent for the invite. it was fun meeting up with friends old and new.

I am also speaking at Gamification Europe next week, all about failure… If you don’t have a ticket yet, go and get one now 🙂

That does mean less time to write anything good for you lovely people. Instead here are my … Read the rest

Three New Civics Serious Games Make Use Of Library of Congress Primary Sources

KidCitizen Screenshot – Image credit: Muzzy Lane Software
The Library of Congress announced last week the release of three new, free Educational Serious Games, all of which make extensive use of the online collections of the Library of Congress.

These “Serious Games” were developed by three organizations selected and supported by grants from the Library to create applications for use in K-12 classrooms. Each game is intended to provide young people with engaging and meaningful opportunities to learn about Congress and civic participation using primary sources from the Library’s online collections.

(For more on effective strategies for teaching with primary Read the rest

Aflac Trivia: Serious Game For Insurance Salespersons

BreakAway Games is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withAflac Trivia

Aflac Trivia is a game that challenges insurance salespersons to see if they are aware of Aflac product info. Developed for iOS and Android platforms, the gameis structured much like popular mobile trivia games and is intended for insurance salespersons who are not Aflacemployees but sell Aflac products. It is designed to be engaging so that the contractors who sell Aflac products will play it.  During gameplay players are tested on their detailed Read the rest

PSI Partners With Totem For Game-based Assessments In Talent Acquisition

Image credit: Joan Ganz Cooney Center

In a recent article “Introducing Game-based Assessments into Your Recruitment Process”, MindX states that Game-based Assessments (GBAs) are gathering significant momentum and being adopted by both forward-thinking corporates and rapidly growing scale-ups.

According to Revelian, an Australian-owned organization specializing in the development and delivery of cutting-edge assessments, candidates largely prefer game-based assessments to traditional recruitment tests. “They’re perceived as more fun, less stressful, interactive and immersive. Candidates often relate these perceptions to a culture of innovation and pushing the envelope.”

Yesterday, PSI and Totem Learning announced a partnership to provide employers a competitive Read the rest

Martha Madison Game-based Curriculum Closing STEM Affiliation Gap

Second Avenue Learning is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withMartha Madison

Created with teachers and students, and aligned with standards, the Martha Madison game-based curriculum has had research at its core from the very beginning.
Funded by the National Science Foundation, Martha Madison was designed to address students’ lagging interest and performance in STEM. The game utilizes a problem-based learning approach wrapped in an entertainment-quality video game, with each game mechanic aligning with specific learning objectives and Next Generation Science Standards.

Research findings have demonstrated Read the rest

Adventures @ FITology | #5 – The Game of Families | Alternate Reality Game

This continuing series is contributed by Saamir Gupta, who is a member of the OctalysisPrime community. Family members are the first friends that we make, our first social interaction with the world. And family is not just the parents and siblings but grandparents both maternal and paternal and their brothers and sisters and their families. … Continue reading Adventures @ FITology | #5 – The Game of Families | Alternate Reality Game

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Game of Sales: Serious Game For Emotionally Intelligent Selling

EI Games LLC is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with Game of Sales.

Game of Sales is a business selling and presentation game based on founder Kevin Allen’s successful business development career and his bestselling book The Hidden Agenda – A Proven Way to Win Business & Create a Following.

Game Background

Founded on key principles of the importance of emotional motivation, Game of Sales centers on personality profiling and also brings practical selling techniques from Allen’s famed pitching career. The “Serious Game” creates a Read the rest

MyStartup: Serious Game To Understand Effective Market Demand

Simsoft Technologies LLC, an affiliate company of Simsoft Information Technologies and a partner of Tampa Bay Technology Incubator at USF Connect, is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with MyStartup.

MyStartup is an entrepreneurship game where players try to succeed by correctly understanding the concept of effective market demand, which means that only if a demand for a product is actually backed up by a willingness and an ability to pay does demand become effective or actual in the market.

In the game, players face Read the rest

The Danger of Solutioneering

As with any new (ish) concept, gamification suffers from a great deal of misunderstanding in the public. As such people often don’t understand what they are asking for when they say “We want gamification”. To some, that might mean “We want a game”, to others it may be “We want to inject some game mechanics to help with motivation.”

This puts the gamification designer in a difficult position, because very often the first thing the client asks for, may not be what they actually want or need. I spoke about having what you want vs what you needRead the rest