MIT Playful Assessment Reshaping Classroom Practices

Image credit: The MIT Teaching Systems Lab

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab designs, implements, and researches the future of teacher learning.

According to the website, “all around the world, educational leaders are working to support more ambitious teaching and learning in classrooms – with less recitation and passive listening, and more active engagement and student-centered learning.”

Playful Assessment is one of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab current projects. The Advisory Board is composed by James Paul Gee, Kylie Peppler, Director of the Creativity Labs at Indiana University Bloomington, and Kevin Miklasz, the Senior Director of Data and Prototyping Lab at Read the rest

The Man in the Hat: Anxiety, Public Speaking and Dave Rage

I’ve not been shy about talking about my issues with anxiety and depression over the years. They are a part of my life and something that I am not ashamed of these days.

However, not being ashamed of them does not make them go away!

Anxiety is the biggest problem on a daily basis. A large portion of my time is spent wanting to curl up into a ball and hide from the world. cutting any and all contact with other humans. That is part of the reason that I used to love online gaming. I didn’t have … Read the rest

CCO Dan Norton On What Makes Great Learning Games Great

Image credit: Filament Games

Making great learning games is both an art and a science. It takes practice, experience, and a whole lot of talent.  Making something that has never existed is a risky endeavor but Filament Games seems to have a safety net – a philosophy and methodology that produces highly efficacious and deeply engaging learning games.

Today, they decided to share a video they put together about “How We Make Great Learning Games”. In about 15 minutes, they distill their tried-and-true methodology that they’ve honed over the last 11 years.

It’s delivered by their very own Chief Creative Read the rest

Serious Game Assisting Children With Cerebral Palsy

Gloob Rescue – Image credit: Design Interactive, Inc.

Gloob Rescue, developed by Design Interactive, Inc., is this year’s winner of the People’s Choice Award at SGS&C.

Gloob Rescue merges rehabilitation with gaming by having players rescue fun characters (Gloobs) using a Kinect-based tracking system. It was designed to assist children with cerebral palsy (CP) as a rehabilitation focused game to expand upper limb strength, range of motion, and rehabilitation progress.

The game was developed under National Science Center (NSF) funding and in partnership with cerebral palsy experts at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), Florida Institute Read the rest

2018 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Winners Announced At I/ITSEC

Image credit: 13th Serious Games Showcase & Challenge
HoloLAB Champions by Schell Games wins Best Business Game and Best XR Game at the Serious Games Showcase Awards ceremony earlier today

The seven categories of SGS&Cwinners were announced today at the Awards Ceremony in the Innovation Showcase, Booth 2288: Best Business-Developed Serious Game; Best Government-Developed Serious Game; Best Student-Developed Serious Game; Best XR Serious Game; Innovation Award; Students’ Choice Award; and finally, what some might consider the most prestigious award, the People’s Choice Award.
The SGS&Cprovides a showcase of best-in-class learning games submitted by business, government and student Read the rest

Serious Game Helps Middle Schoolers Learn Food Safety Practices

Ninja Kitchen – Image credit: NMSU Innovative Media Research and Extension

The Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University is a development studio and an exploratory environment for playing and evaluating games and educational tools. Its parent department, NMSU Innovative Media Research and Extension, partners with universities and agencies nationwide to create online interactive games and animations on a wide variety of subjects – math and science education, food safety, conservation, and more – for a range of grade levels.

Their vast portfolio of products includes Ninja Kitchen – a food safety educational game.

Serious Games Using Digital Twins Of Offshore Oil & Gas Environments

Image credit: Digital Twin Studios

Digital Twin Studios creates video games for safety training in the Oil & Gas industry.

Founded in 2013, DTS started as a training company offering traditional classroom and on-site courses to make way for further Serious Games development that leverages its field experience in Oil & Gas.

The company’s name derives from the actual term “digital twin”, a concept introduced by Michael Grieves that dates back to 2003. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a real world asset. 

With the value proposition of creating sophisticated 3D virtual replicas of the most intricate environments, Read the rest

No Black Friday Sale Here

Rather than try to coerce you to purchase my stuff by devaluing it, I thought I would just remind you of some of the cool stuff I have on sale around here!

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition


Here is a free chapter! “How to Use Narrative to Create
Deeper Experiences

Gamification Inspiration Cards

You can get the gamification inspiration cards in two ways. You can buy them as a physical deck here ––Full-ColourRead the rest

The Importance of Definitions (and Why They Don’t Matter)

Yep, paradoxical title alert!

Recently I got into a very interesting debate on LinkedIn about the definition of Gamification. Now, I have long had my definition of gamification, one that doesn’t stray too far from the closest thing we have to a “proper” definition.

  • Mine: The use of game design metaphors to create more game-like and engaging experiences.
  • Proper (From Deterding et al): The application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts

Whichever definition you follow or whomsoever you may ask in the industry, 9 times out of 10 you will get something along those lines. … Read the rest

Mobile Serious Game For Superior Customer Experience In Insurance Services

Impact CX: The Quest – Image credit: Leo Learning

Impact CX: The Quest, a mobile-first Serious Game created by LEO Learning for LOMA, the international trade association for the insurance and financial services industry, earned the best game-based solution award at DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas late October.
In the game, players interact with a fictional insurance company. As they progress from novice to guru, they take on different roles within the company and complete a series of branched-scenario missions. Learners must use sound judgement techniques and empathy to respond to customer needs Read the rest