Post-exercise Survey for Agile Students – Results

On April 30th I taught the first part of a agile project management training for a class of 30 students from the MBA in Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (GEITEC) of the Federal University of São Carlos. This first part was focused on the values, principles, roles, rituals and artifacts of SCRUM. The second part of the agile project management training happened on May 14th, this time with an emphasis on gamification and also the completion of the first gamified activity: A complete SCRUM simulation using Minecraft.

Here are the results of the survey among the MBA students.

: Age (see the question).



Question: How do you evaluate the instructor’s knowledge and experience on agile project management (see the question).



Question: How do you evaluate the didactics of the instructor (see the question).



Question: Answer the questions below based on your experience with the SCRUM simulation using Minecraft (see the question).



Question: How well did this training meet your expectations (see the question).



Question: Overall, how would you rate this training (see the question).


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