Scrum Values & Roles Card Game

The products of my MSc dissertation at the University of Liverpool includes two gamified learning activities, focused on teaching agile project management. To design these learning activities I created a pre-exercise survey for agile instructors, that was answered by several agile instructors. According to the results, the most relevant set of game-based mechanics to be covered on the learning activities are: goals, cooperation and time.

With this set of game-based mechanics in mind, I do believe that a cooperative card game , with specific goals and a countdown clock will be a perfect match. The thematic of the game are the Scrum roles and values, which are important foundations of the Scrum framework.


The Game

Timing: 25 minutes.

Materials: 1 – 4 printed card decks.

Group size: 4 – 6 students per group. Maximum of 4 groups, each one must have his own card deck.



There are four categories of cards: roles, responsibilities, values, behaviors. The objective of the game is to distribute the responsibilities cards below the roles cards and distribute the behaviors cards below the values cards. Example:


Winning condition: The first group to complete the distribution of the cards – in a correct manner – is the winner.

The instructor is the arbiter. When a group claims the completion, the instructor must pause the activity and verify the distribution. During the verification the other groups must pause their actions. If the instructor discovers that the distribution is wrong, he/she should only state that “the distribution is incorrect”, the group whom claimed the conclusion must discover what is incorrect and the other groups are free to continue.


Learning Points

After the game I conduct a fast debriefing, to listen and solve in a collaborative way any questions and doubts.

The values and roles of Scrum represent a big paradigm shift for professionals whom are familiar with traditional approaches for project management, where command-and-control-ism and micro-management are imperatives. This learning activity will lead the students to discuss about the Scrum roles and values, also instructing them over the responsibilities and expected behaviors.



cardset_1 cardset_2 cardset_3


To download the cards in PDF format and access the source files, please inform your e-mail.



I also shared the source files of booth gamified learning activities within github:

1. Scrum Simulation With Minecraft (e-book):

2. Scrum Values and Roles Card Game:

In this way the community may work together to evolve the content and translate in many languages.



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