G4C Industry Circle: Navigating Game Based Learning in EU w/ Triseum



On May 29th, join the fourth installment of the Games for Change 2017-2018 Industry Circle. The Industry Circle is a program that showcases the achievements and opportunities in the impact games sector by highlighting leading studies that have made a significant contribution to our community. André Thomas, CEO of Industry Circle member Triseum, shares tips on how to engage with Europe’s educational market and develop partnerships with public bodies and other stakeholders to successfully implement game based learning in European classrooms. If you would like to learn more on … Read the rest

Podcast, Motivait Blog and Guitar Stuff

Hey all. No big blog this week, loads on with the guitar stuff (and going on holiday and work!).

New Podcast

However, I have just done a really fun podcast with Roberto Alverez at ProfessorGame.com, which you can here below.

Motivait Blog Piece

As well as that, I have just had my latest blog published on the Motivait blog pages all about customer engagement and loyalty, so check that out here http://www.motivait.net/2018/05/22/customer-loyalty-what-next/

Guitar Stuff

And finally, if you are into guitars, please do check out my channel and subscribe – it … Read the rest

11 Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Museum Training Games Win Awards in Serious Play Competition

Image credit: The Uber Game, a news game from The Financial Times, earns gold in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards

Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Museum Games for Use in Training Win Awards in Annual Serious Play Competition

LOS ANGELES – May 22, 2018 – Eleven games and simulations designed for use in training have been cited for excellence in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards Program. As game-based learning becomes mainstream, training products that allow participants to have hands on “play,” are delivering significantly better skills and retention.

Gold Medal winners include:
  • The Uber Game, an interactive news game
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I now have my own eSports Team in Heroes of the Storm!

To Make Games Meaningful Back in 2003, I had an epiphany that changed my life. I had just quit playing Diablo II and I felt a rush of emptiness. I spent thousands of hours becoming strong in a video game, but once I was done with the game, all that disappears. I’m still at the … Continue reading I now have my own eSports Team in Heroes of the Storm!

The post I now have my own eSports Team in Heroes of the Storm! appeared first on Yu-kai Chou: Gamification & Behavioral Design.

Author: Yu-kai Chou
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15 Educational Games Win Awards in Serious Play Competition

Image credit: Innovation Simulation: Breaking News, a simulation from Harvard Business Publishing, earns gold in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards

15 Games Developed for Use in Education Win Awards in Serious Play Competition

Los Angeles – May 21, 2018 – Fifteen Serious Games designed for use in K12 or higher education have been cited for excellence in the 2018 International Serious Play Award Program. Entries in the competition doubled and judges cited vast improvement in the quality of the Serious Games entries over 2018.

Gold Medals were awarded to:

  • Slice Fractions 2, an intuitive puzzle game from
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John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 2

Image credit: World ORT – Future Learning Spaces Project

Following my prior post John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 1, Education Futures shared yesterday the summary of their findings in the Education Futures Newsletter.
“Last March, we asked a deceptively simple question, does the future need schools? As we look 10, 20, or 50 years into the future, will ‘school’ be relevant?”

“Our survey consisted of a simple yes/no question, together with an optional why/why not follow-up response.”

“71% of respondents said, yes, the future does need schools. Watch our webinar presentation for more details at Read the rest

Take On Game Development Challenges at #G4C18!


Tackle Development Challenges at the 2018 Games for Change Festival

Whether your development portfolio consists of one game or one hundred, the sessions at #G4C18 are designed to help solve your top challenges. Highlights include:

Developing Kid-Friendly Online Communities: Katie Salen (University of California, Irvine) will explore a play-based approach to raising socially and emotionally aware gamers


Launching a Location-Based Game: Anastasia Goodstein (The Ad Council) will share challenges and lessons learned from launching a geo-location game for the Love Has No Labels campaign


Improving Game Learning Data and Assessment: Stuart Claggett (Dig-iT! Games) will discuss new … Read the rest

John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 1

In March, John Moravec at Education Futures conducted a survey asking “Does The Future Need Schools?

John has reached out to a select, diverse group of contacts from around the world to help bring some insight to the subject, aiming to generate an ecology of ideas for future research.

“As the future of work seems to become increasingly uncertain, schools charged with creating future-ready workers have changed very little over the past few centuries,” says Moravec. “A school from 2018 looks and functions little different than a school in 1918 would have operated. As we look 10, 20, Read the rest

#G4C18 Festival Program: Children’s Media Highlights


Join fellow content creators, educators and researchers at the Games for Change Festival to explore current media trends and opportunities for innovation.  Panel, talks and workshops at #G4C18 include:

  • Mimi Ito (University of California Irvine) will share her perspectives on children’s changing relationships to media and communications

  • Kristin Cook (Sesame Workshop) will describe how the game Big Bird’s Comfy-Cozy Nest helps children cope with traumatic experiences

  • Panelists from BBC Studios, Preloaded and Google will join moderator Susanna Pollack (Games for Change) to go behind the scenes of BBC Earth: Life In VR



Author: Leandro Huerto
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#G4C18 Festival Program: EdTech Highlights



Meet with potential funders, network with future partners and gain practical advice for developing, marketing and sustaining your EdTech projects.  Join us at #G4C18 for these sessions and more:

  • Gonzalo Frasca (DragonBox) will describe the challenges involved in creating a full math curriculum with games, printed textbooks and storybooks

  • David Langendoen and Leah Potter (WNET/Electric Funstuff) will share how the educational game series Mission US stays relevant and sustainable

  • Anne Richards (Cracking Wise Interactive) will lead panelists from Teachley, BrainPOP, Curriculum Associates and Classroom, Inc. to reveal lessons learned from designing game-inspired experiences for classrooms

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