Gamified UK Special Bundle Offer: Book, Cards and Toolkit

Hi all.

This is (probably) a time-limited offer, but I wanted to offer an all in one bundle of my book, Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition as a colour PDF for the first time, my printable cards and the Gamification Toolkit.

So, for all that gamification goodness, I am asking £25.

Of course, I know lots of you have one or all of these in various formats, and I may offer the PDF version of my book separately at some point, but I wanted to give people the chance to get a good start into … Read the rest

Take A Step Back Before Going Off the Rails…

Just a short thought for your today. When building or designing anything, it is very easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and ideas. Introspection is fine, but from time to time you need to step back and just ask yourself a few simple questions;

  • Am I still solving the client’s problem?
  • Am I still staying true to the original vision for the solution
    • If not, why not?
  • Is the solution still viable?
  • Is the solution still going to prove valuable to the users as well as the client?
  • Has anyone released a better solution whilst
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5 eLearning Gamification Ideas for Engaged Employees

A gamification platform can encourage eLearning engagement in surprising ways. People respond to incentives differently, and a platform like Bunchball Nitro can offer an array of incentives throughout the eLearning lifecycle, appealing to each worker’s individual learning style.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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Games For Change Accelerator is Hiring: Managing Partner

Managing Partner


A first of its kind accelerator in the video games, immersive technology and esports industry with a social impact orientation is searching for a rock star Managing Partner.


The Games for Change Accelerator is formed as a partnership between Quake Capital Partners, Games for Change and i(x) investments. The mission of the program is to fund and support social impact games, esports and XR development through funding, mentoring, go-to market planning, on-going business development, and distribution. We are joining forces to harness the potential of social impact in the burgeoning interactive technology industries to drive real-world outcomes. The Read the rest

Analogue vs Digital Gamification

Gamification is often thought about as a digital realm, but that is not the case at all! Some of the best gamification I have seen has been “analogue”, or not digital. I myself have written about simple gamification experiments with eh kids that were entirely paper-based.

Just like games, gamification can be just as effective in the non-digital world as it can in the digital world. Think about it, games have existed since history began, with games like Senet being dated back to 3000BC in Egypt and evidence of dice like objects as far back as 5000BC.


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Minecraft can increase problem solving, collaboration and learning – yes, at school

In Minecraft and other games, players are highly receptive to learning embedded in the game scenario. Thierry Karsenti, Author provided

A video game like Minecraft in schools might trouble some parents. As a Canada research chair in technologies and education, my hope is both parents and educators take the time to learn about how using Minecraft at school could be beneficial.

Firstly, parents and teachers are right to ask questions about video gaming, particularly given sometimes conflicting messages about its impact. Some researchers caution about the possible impacts of child and youth exposure to violence or problems of … Read the rest

Introduction to Gamification Part 7: Rewards and Reward Schedules

In the last chapter, I briefly touched on reward schedules. The most basic way to define reward schedules is that they are a set of rules that define when a reward (or any kind of feedback) is given to the user. I am going to discuss three core types of reward schedule, Random Rewards, Fixed Rewards and Time Dependent. I’m also going to introduce some ideas on how to balance the release of rewards and their perceived value.

Random Rewards

These tough to explain, and really hard to implement well! A random reward is one that the user … Read the rest

How to Motivate Sales Teams with Gamification

Sales teams thrive on competition, but a ruthless work environment will inhibit teamwork and hurt performance. A truly holistic incentive structure will motivate your sales team by recognizing the workers that bring a high level of performance and integrity to the team year after year.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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Universities: increasingly stressful environments taking psychological toll – here's what needs to change


Every year, millions of international students travel to different countries to study at university. This, together with a lack of public funding for universities, has created an increasingly competitive market in which universities work directly against each other to chase students and the money they bring.

This shift was heralded by the introduction of a whole host of performance indicators across the global higher education sector – which has become increasingly “gamified” with points and rankings, and winners and losers. And just as universities play against each other for the “top spots” on league tables, students … Read the rest

Anxiety – What it feels like when I have an Anxiety Attack

Something very different today.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. This video is an attempt to demonstrate what it is like when “the voices in your head” start to get too loud. I have worked with my daughter, who also suffers from anxiety, to try and produce something that matches our experiences. The feeling of being useless or worthless and helpless can be overwhelming.

You need headphones for this to be in any way effective. I am looking to build a game based on this video. Is there anyone out … Read the rest