John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 2

Image credit: World ORT – Future Learning Spaces Project

Following my prior post John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 1, Education Futures shared yesterday the summary of their findings in the Education Futures Newsletter.
“Last March, we asked a deceptively simple question, does the future need schools? As we look 10, 20, or 50 years into the future, will ‘school’ be relevant?”

“Our survey consisted of a simple yes/no question, together with an optional why/why not follow-up response.”

“71% of respondents said, yes, the future does need schools. Watch our webinar presentation for more details at “

“What surprised us, however, was WHY or WHY NOT. For this optional question, 98% of respondents had something to say. Respondents really talked about what education is for, and the data was rich.”


“To ensure a high level of accuracy in the interpretation of the data, Kelly Killorn-Moravec and I dual coded all responses. Kelly also developed a  detailed mind map of participant responses, available as a PDF at: or as a webpage at: 

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