Gameffective Releases Video-Based Learning Narratives

Gameffective, the leading enterprise gamification platform, announces the release of Video-Based Game Narratives.

This new and exciting feature supplements Gameffective’s existing set of solutions with the option to deliver learning within a fun, interactive and evolving, plot line. It is perfectly suited for product introduction courses, employee onboarding and pretty much any corporate learning campaign where you are trying to impart a large amount of knowledge on employees whilst keeping them engaged and attentive.

The first installment of these video-based type narratives is called “The Perfect Workday” and is structured like an escape room quest where the protagonist, a shabby looking young IT guy must find his office friends who all suddenly disappear during a blackout. To go forward in the plot line the trainee/player must complete learning activities that will open clues for advancing from one level to another and develop the plot.

The game includes 20 levels/chapters allowing around 2 to 3 learning activities, providing ample room for building a comprehensive training campaign throughout the plotline.

You can check out this trailer video to see how it looks.


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