Dissertation Published!

I’m glad to announce that my dissertation “THE EFFECTIVENESS OF GAMIFICATION AS A PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING TOOL ON TEACHING AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT” was approved on Dec. 2016, and now is available for download (free) within my profile at Research Gate:


Another good news. I shared the source files of booth gamified learning activities within github:

1. Scrum Simulation With Minecraft (e-book):  https://github.com/julioaugusto/ScrumSimulationWithMinecraft.git

2. Scrum Values and Roles Card Game: https://github.com/julioaugusto/ScrumValuesAndRolesCardGame.git

In this way the community may work together to evolve the content and translate in many languages.

I would like to thank everyone whom contributed within this work. Let’s road!… Read the rest

The effectiveness of gamification as a problem-based learning tool on teaching agile project management

Hi there!

My name is Julio Oliveira. Currently I’m finishing the dissertation of my master degree (MSc) in Information Systems Management at the University of Liverpool (UK), with the title: “The effectiveness of gamification as a problem-based learning tool on teaching agile project management”.

Agile Project Management is an iterative process that focuses on customer value first, team interaction over tasks, and adapting to current business reality rather than following a prescriptive plan. It has a set of values, principles, and practices that assist project teams in coming to grips with such challenging environment (Highsmith, 2009).

The values and principles … Read the rest

Scrum Values & Roles Card Game

The products of my MSc dissertation at the University of Liverpool includes two gamified learning activities, focused on teaching agile project management. To design these learning activities I created a pre-exercise survey for agile instructors, that was answered by several agile instructors. According to the results, the most relevant set of game-based mechanics to be covered on the learning activities are: goals, cooperation and time.

With this set of game-based mechanics in mind, I do believe that a cooperative card game , with specific goals and a countdown clock will be a perfect match. The thematic of the game … Read the rest