Games for Change Festival: Introducing our new Neurogaming & Health track

Announcing sessions in theNeurogaming & Health track   For the first time ever, the Games for Change Festival will feature a Neurogaming & Health track that highlights collaborations between researchers … Read more

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Are You Building a Solution Looking for a Problem?

One of the big issues I see in gamification and many young industries is the issue of building a solution for problems that don’t really exist!

“We are using a gamified solution to increase engagement”.

“Awesome, why?”

“Um, because it will increase engagement…”

“Cool, but why, what problem have you identified that can only be solved by investing in gamification?”

“Um…. go away I hate you…”

This happened a lot with social media. Everyone needed to be on Twitter but had no idea why, or how to use it.

I’ve said it hundreds of times, gamification is a solution, but not

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What Makes a Good Serious Game?

One of the privileges I have as a gamification “expert”, is to look at many different solutions This includes getting to look at and review serious games from time to time.

Over the last couple of years, i have come up with an unwritten list of things I look for in serious games to judge if I think they are good. Remember, this is just my opinion!

  1. Is it a game?
    • This may seem obvious, but often people do nothing more than stick a “game-like” animation on a simple test / exam and call it a game. A game needs rules,
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Learn to Problem Solve, Play and Have Fun – Not Code

I keep seeing articles stating why everyone should learn to code. The same message is aimed at adults and children, pointing to a new type of digital literacy needed to survive in the new world.

I myself have known how to do code in one form or another since my dad showed me BASIC at about 5 years old. In later life, my career relied on me knowing how to code as a web developer. I have built many tools and found being able to code of great benefit to me. It has certainly been a skill that I have

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Guest Post: Game Thinking in Business Education

Another guest post, this time from Roberto Alvarez Bucholska. Leave feedback and show your appreciation – I am sure he would be happy to answer any questions!

Business education may sound very formal and boring to many, but there’s no reason why studying an MBA can’t have engaging and fun learning materials. And that’s what I do at IE Business School Publishing. As a project manager, it is my task to take the learning objectives and make materials that are interactive, engaging, and even fun if possible. The department has created around 300 interactive materials in over 10 years of

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What does HEXAD stand for?

A question no one has been asking was “What does HEXAD actually stand for?”

Well, I thought it was time to make something up to satisfy that question that no one wants the answer to!

First off, Hexad just means a group or set of six – that is why it was chosen. I needed a name for the User Types for various papers that were being written, and with the help of Dr. Barry Herbert – I settled on Hexad!

However, I don’t like leaving things without some deeper meaning, so have been trying to see if I could

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When Should I Start Thinking About Gamification in My Product?


A question I am often asked is “I am making a new product, when should I start looking at gamification?”

That is usually combined with “How much will it cost?”

The answer to the second is linked to the first, but the first is much easier to answer! Essentially, if you are considering gamification as part of your engagement strategy – build it into your plans at the very very start! As I have stated many times, adding gamification to a product when it is already built – ie patching an engagement issue – is never going to be

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Guest Post: Finding Inspiration in Biology for Creating Game-Like Experiences

Another guest post for you guys from Sal Deniz. I got chatting to him on twitter about his latest project Termling and how he had used his background in biology to create a great avatar maker for his gamified learning app. It is quite technical and speaks about how he leveraged HTML5 canvas and the like. However, it is a great read and shows you can get inspiration for quality solutions from anywhere and everywhere!

Points, badges, and leaderboards are some of the game elements now commonly used in non-game contexts, but complex game elements like allowing users the ability

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Simulation and Game Thinking

Well, it has been a long time coming – but Simulation has finally broken free from Serious Games in my Game Thinking “framework”. It will take a while for me to update everything, but I wanted to share the draft entry for simulations in Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play.

Game Thinking 2016 Update

Game Thinking 2016 Update

A simulation is a virtual representation of something from the real world, such as a flight simulator. Often this can be hard to distinguish from a game or a serious game, as they look very game like. The difference is that a simulation does not usually

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Gamifying Asthma Inhalers For Kids with Gecko Health

Gecko Health Delivers Asthma Medication for Kids with Double Dose of Smart and Fun

As the delivery of health care becomes more digitized, it’s no surprise that medical devices that historically had no electronic components are now available with digital capabilities. An attachment to an inhaler, for example, brings the ability to track doses. But the challenge for any medication continues to be getting patients, particularly children, to use these products when they’re supposed to and just as they’re prescribed. One medical device developer is overcoming that problem by bringing games into the delivery of health care.

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