How Gamification in Learning Improves Knowledge Retention

Companies are eager to invest in continuing education programs to keep their employees’ skills sharp. But how can you be sure your workers will retain new knowledge once the training module is complete? Gamification has been proven to increase knowledge retention by boosting motivation, scaffolding lessons, and reinforcing learning through collaboration.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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I’m Speaking at Gamification Europe – Come Watch (with 10% off)!

Hey dudes.

Well, it’s official, I’m speaking at Gamification Europe with a roster of amazing experts in the field. My talk will be about making the best of what is available to you to create innovative solutions, as you don’t always get what you want when working with clients!

This year it is in Amsterdam, so another reason to come and watch!

If you are interested in seeing us all do our thing, you can use this link to book tickets. Not gonna lie, if you purchase from this link, I will get a kickback – one … Read the rest

Gamblification – don’t gamble with your people unless you are sure!

I often hear people talking about adding elements of chance to an experience to make it more interesting. For instance, adding a random reward for doing a certain task in a system.

However, when does adding randomness turn into adding gambling elements? Well, we have to look at the definition of gambling and look at an example.

In the UK the Gambling Commision looks after all things related to gambling and has a long list of things that it considers to be gambling –

There are 3 basic groups that gambling is sorted under in the UK… Read the rest

Using Gamification for Strategic Human Resources

HR leadership is being asked to expand their strategic contribution to the business, and broaden their understanding of the key business drivers and how the organization’s people influence them. A key challenge for HR leaders in this pursuit is to find effective ways to engage their people in all areas of the business, at all stages of their lifecycle, and across the many systems with which they interact.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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Serious Games Advancing Community Cyber Security Capabilities

New Educational Games Designed At UTSA Teach Students About Cybersecurity

Two cybersecurity educational games to teach cryptography and cybersecurity principles to middle school students were made available for community input through the month of July.  


The UTSA Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security (CIAS)designed the games as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant to develop effective ways that introduce students to cybersecurity principles through game-based learning platforms. The CIAS was seeking feedback from teachers and players while the games were available in their beta release form.

“In addition to the community’s help in identifying any potential bugs Read the rest

Playbrush Smart Toothbrush Review (Or, “How I have to admit when I’m wrong..”)

About 2 years ago I was speaking at a Gamifiers event in London. One of the other speakers spoke about a new product called “Playbrush”. It was an add-on for a toothbrush that allowed it to interact with a mobile device like an iPad. As well as the add-on, there were a couple of games that it controlled on the mobile device. The idea was to encourage kids to brush for longer and with higher efficiency because they want to progress in the games.

It is fair to say the idea got mauled by us all. I hold … Read the rest

2018 G4C Student Challenge: Program, Winners and Award Ceremonies


Games for Change is thrilled to announce the 28 winners of the 2018 Games for Change Student Challenge and to recognize the partners, organizations, educators and students who contributed to making this year’s program a resounding success.


Competition Results


The 2018 G4C Student Challenge competition yielded nearly 600 games, created by over 1,100 students – some working as individuals and others in small teams. This year, students were challenged to design and code games about four social impact themes: Connected Cities, Kindness & Empathy, News Literacy and Wildlife Conservation. The winning games teach strategies for preserving pollinators and mountain lions, Read the rest

Frans Mäyrä on research leave

Professor Frans Mäyrä will be on research leave, acting as a Professorial Fellow in IASR, on period 1 August 2018 – 31 July 2019. Most recent information about whom to contact regarding COMS education and administration related matters can be found at: – for UTAgamelab and IGS degree program related important matters, please contact the Acting Professor, Olli Sotamaa (olli.sotamaa [at]

Author: Frans
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KPMG Serious Game Uncovers Full Scope Of Prospects' Requirements

Space Advisors, a sales game developed by the Gronstedt Group for KPMG, has won silver honors in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Corporate category.

Working in close collaboration with subject matter experts at KPMG, Gronstedt Group developed a Serious Game that helps uncover the full scope of a prospective client business requirements so that the company can select the appropriate KPMG service group to tailor a solution for each client opportunity.

Game Background

KPMG’s Advisory Professionals are trusted counselors to the world’s largest, most successful organizations. They face a big challenge, though: Read the rest

Validation Study Results For Game-Based Learning Across Europe 2017-2018

Following my prior posts Serious Games Enhancing College-Level Art History Learning and New Serious Game Transforms Calculus Principles Into Visually Engaging Challenges, addressing respectively Triseum’s art history game ARTé: Mecenas™ and calculus game Variant: Limits™, results from Triseum’s Year-Long Game-Based Learning Validation Study are now available to the public.

Both the executive summary and the complete study can be downloaded from European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab. Additionally, teachers shared their feedback and findings in two webinars. Archives of the the ARTé: Mecenas results webinar and Variant: Limits results webinar are also available.

Image credit: Triseum – ARTé: Mecenas™ Read the rest