APPLIO Aspires To Change The Way Organizations Utilize Serious Games

Founded in 2007, Applio Limited is on a mission to change the way organizations utilize Game Based Learning and is working in a number of industries to create a library of games.

According to the company’s website, they have developed a unique platform that allows Serious Games to be built in hours rather than weeks, and be easily changed and updated.

Applio is an innovative Digital Games Based Platform expected to deliver major improvements in Employee Engagement, Learning & Development and Organizational Change.

Example Games include: Healthcare – Pressure Ulcer Training and Dysphagia; All Industries – Incident Management, Organizational Change, and Communications; Infrastructure – Rail Personal Track Safety, among others.

The company has been working with East Midlands Trains to produce 3 game-based experiences focused on Personal Track Safety. PTS training is binding for anyone who needs to work on or near the line in the UK.

The three experiences include:
1 – A story based experience, which can be played in single or multiplayer mode
2 – A competitive Digital Board game experience, which closely maps the final exam
3 – A reinforcement single player experience relating to the Phonetic Alphabet

They are currently building numerous Games within their platform and are looking to partner with organizations to create new experiences.

Demo games are available upon request at can be played either as a multiplayer or single player experience.

Author: Eliane Alhadeff

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