A Challenge for My Readers – Micro Story Telling

It has been weeks since I last spoke about narratives and stories. I just wanted to pass a thought by you that fits in nicely with my stuff on Narrative Atoms and to set you a challenge. I saw a great article thanks to Rob Buchol that had something very similar – 2 sentence horror stories.

This fit in brilliantly with something I had done recently, so got me to thinking. How much story can you fit on a post-it note? How much text do you need to create a story in the minds of your users/readers?

And that is my challenge to you – I want you to send me Post-It note stories!  Here is my entry to the challenge.

No prizes, just a bit of fun. You can send them on Facebook, Twitter (@daverage), in the comments or of course Instagram (@daverage again).

Enjoy 😀

On a side note, I recently wrote a short article for Motivait on GDPR. Check it out, it may have more impact on you than you think (if you even know what it is!!)

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