What I am Learning from Playing Fortnite with my Daughter

I have finally caved and given Fortnite some proper time.

It all started when my 12-year-old daughter noticed it was on my PC. I had downloaded when it first came out, but after one go, decided it wasn’t for me. However, it had been quietly updating in the background, just waiting for my return.

Fortnite is something of a gaming phenomenon, in a similar way to Minecraft a few years ago. It has had an enormous impact on society. It has spawned toys, board games and I am sure a film can’t be far away as EPIC tries … Read the rest

We’re Hiring: Production Intern


About this Job


Games for Change (G4C) is looking for an intern to support production efforts for the organization. The intern will support projects related to event planning and management as it relates to core G4C initiatives such as the G4C Student Challenge and XR for Change. The intern will report to G4C’s Production Manager who leads on supporting the organization in cultivating, building and nurturing strategic relationships and alliances that are essential for advancing and successfully achieving the mission of G4C.


Candidates for this unpaid internship should meet the below qualifications and requirements.


Position Details:

  • Work with G4C Production
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We’re Hiring: Programs and Operations Intern


About this Job


Games for Change is looking for Programs and Operations Intern to support a range of projects promoting games for social impact this Fall for G4C and the National Student Challenge.


Candidates for this unpaid internship should meet the below qualifications and requirements.



Position Details:

  • Support G4C staff in daily activities and collaborate on special projects, as assigned
  • Conduct research on games, game-related programs, tech opportunities and interventions, and game developers
  • Help us keep our office organized, and file and scan documents
  • Assist with billing and bookkeeping
  • Assist with In Kind donation outreach and organization for the National
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At a Glance: G4C19 Festival & XR4C Summit


Thank you to all who attended our 16th annual Games for Change Festival this past month!


It was an incredible week and we are so thankful to everyone who joined us including the amazing speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and of course all the attendees!  So many industry icons, developers, creators, professionals, and change agents came together to discuss the power of games and XR to drive social change. With themes surrounding education, health and wellness, civics and social issues, and more – the Games for Change Festival celebrated the impact that games and XR can make in our world.


Wait I

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Is Gamification Manipulation

Is gamification a form of manipulation?

This is a question that comes up over and over again in my world.

There is often a concern that gamification is just used to force or trick people into doing things that they would not otherwise want to do. It as is if people have the view that it is like one of those old Saturday night magic shows, where the hypnotist get people to pretend they were chickens.

They view gamification as nothing more than a Skinner Box, operant conditioning for a new generation. People rewarded for actions that … Read the rest

How Gamification Can Beat Fake News

In the decade-ish since the second coming of social media, global democracy has been severely impaired by the spread of fake news. I believe that using gamification techniques could substantially retard this phenomenon and reset the balance.

N.B. I’m using “fake news” to refer to things which are actually fake, not things that are true but a certain someone (et al) doesn’t like to hear.

The Fake News Industrial Complex

Before we dive into the solution, it’s worthwhile starting with a brief recap of how fake news spreads on social channels. If you understand these algorithms feel free to skip … Read the rest