How to Motivate Sales Teams with Gamification

Sales teams thrive on competition, but a ruthless work environment will inhibit teamwork and hurt performance. A truly holistic incentive structure will motivate your sales team by recognizing the workers that bring a high level of performance and integrity to the team year after year.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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Universities: increasingly stressful environments taking psychological toll – here's what needs to change


Every year, millions of international students travel to different countries to study at university. This, together with a lack of public funding for universities, has created an increasingly competitive market in which universities work directly against each other to chase students and the money they bring.

This shift was heralded by the introduction of a whole host of performance indicators across the global higher education sector – which has become increasingly “gamified” with points and rankings, and winners and losers. And just as universities play against each other for the “top spots” on league tables, students … Read the rest

Anxiety – What it feels like when I have an Anxiety Attack

Something very different today.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. This video is an attempt to demonstrate what it is like when “the voices in your head” start to get too loud. I have worked with my daughter, who also suffers from anxiety, to try and produce something that matches our experiences. The feeling of being useless or worthless and helpless can be overwhelming.

You need headphones for this to be in any way effective. I am looking to build a game based on this video. Is there anyone out … Read the rest

Institute Of Play Founder Will Keynote Serious Play Montreal

Université Du Québec À Montréal (UQAM) / University Of Quebec in Montreal

200 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC H2x 1×5, Canada

Katie Salen, Co-founder of both The Institute of Play and Connected Camps To Keynote Serious Play Conference at UQAM in Montreal July 10-12, 2019

LOS ANGELES – March 18, 2019 — Katie Salen, Founder of both The Institute of Play and Connected Camps, an online learning platform powered by youth gaming experts, will keynote Serious Play Conference’s Montreal conference on game-based learning July 10-12, 2019.

Salen will discuss the role of Minecraft, a sandbox video game created Read the rest

The Perception of Fairness

Coin Master. Have you played it? I have. It’s currently the top grossing game on mobiles. If you have not played it, it’s a fruit/slot machine. You put virtual money in, spin the reels and possibly win more money. You then use that money to build a series of villages, upgrading parts of one village until the whole thing is completed, then move on to the next one. You can also ruin friendships by attacking peoples villages, knocking their development back and costing them virtual money. It is a phenomenon, with a staggeringly well thought out social media … Read the rest

CRM Gamified: How to Leverage Gamification for Better CRM

By clearly defining your sales goals, setting roles and clarifying expectations, and rewarding incremental progress towards achieving major milestones, the Bunchball Nitro gamification platform can help your business coordinate your strategy for managing customer relationships.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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Program Announcement: XR For Change Fellowships


Program Announcement: XR for Change Fellowships


Games for Change (G4C) seeks two Fellows to participate in our XR for Change initiative and gain essential knowledge and experience to position them for careers in the immersive media, technology, and social impact sector. (XR stands for “extended realities” and spans the rapidly growing field of immersive technology including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality).

The XR for Change program is a year-round initiative that brings together XR developers, media makers, storytellers, researchers, technology companies and users to create and share experiences that can improve people’s lives and further positive social change.


Position Details:Read the rest

Introduction to Gamification Part 6: The User Journey

In the last chapter, we looked at goals and feedback. To follow on from this, I wanted to look at how you should plan feedback and rewards, based on the user’s expectations. However, to start, we need to look at the User Journey, which is a chapter on its own!

What is a User Journey?

In our world, the user journey is the series of steps that a user takes whilst engaged with your solutions. I break it down into four key stages. Discovery, OnBoarding, Immersion and Mastery/Replay. Ok, so that is more like 4 1/2 steps…

DiscoverRead the rest

We’re Hiring: Executive Producer Intern


About this Job

Games for Change (G4C) is looking for an intern to support the Executive Producer of the G4C Festival. The intern will support all projects that the Executive Producer is working on as it relates to event planning and marketing.  The intern will report directly to the Exec Producer, but may also be asked to work with other members of the team.


Candidates for this unpaid internship should meet the below qualifications and requirements.


Position Details:

  • Work directly with the G4C Exec Producer to help support production and marketing on various events.
  • Production tasks include scheduling, logistics, managing
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Self Importance and Ego in the Era of Gurus

Just a quick one (yeah another quick one) whilst I finish off the reward schedule chapter of my Introduction to Gamification series!

I was recently doing a series of talks which gave me reason to pause and reflect a little on my position in the world of gamification.

I have been around for a while in relation to a young industry, since about 2011. That puts me in a position to have been actually at the leading edge of the growth of the industry along with a few other highly notable people. Many of them are still … Read the rest