Is Gamification Dead?

As a quick break from my Introduction to Gamification series, I wanted to ask a serious question. Is gamification dead?

It is a tough question for someone who lives and breathes gamification to consider, as the answer could be problematic!

If we look at the hype that surrounded gamification, it would be easy to assume that it never really lived up to its promise! However, what was it promising?

Gamification, no matter how you personally refer to it, lives by one simple rule. It is not about making games. It is using lessons and elements from games in … Read the rest

UCSC Launches The Country's First M.S. Program In Serious Games

UCSC Games & Playable Media and Serious Games MS Programs

As anticipated in my prior post, the Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz is launching the first professional master’s degree program in Serious Games offered in the United States, with an initial cohort of students starting in fall 2019. Applications for the M.S. in Serious Games were accepted until January 24, 2019.

Based at UCSC’s Silicon Valley Campus in Santa Clara, the Serious Games program builds on existing expertise at UC Santa Cruz in assistive technologies, games and playable media, digital art and new media, psychology, and Read the rest

Introduction to Gamification Part 5: Goals and Feedback

The core of gamification can be boiled down to two key components. Goals and Feedback. Of course, there is more going on that supports these, but those are the two keys of gamification.

Gamified systems need to set specific tasks for users to complete, and then provide them with feedback as they progress towards completing those tasks. A good gamified system then uses other techniques, elements, mechanics etc to support the user towards those goals.

The hard bit is setting good goals, creating good feedback mechanisms and wrapping the experience in something that is engaging! But that is … Read the rest

Serious Games Hit The Forth Sector With Social Simulations

Image credit: Center for Systems Solutions at EIT Climate-KIC
Green & Great – a game targeted at business managers who face the challenges of transformation towards sustainable development and socially responsible business.

Active in 24 countries with 28 offices across Europe, including the major cities of Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin, the EIT Climate-KIC  is a European knowledge and innovation community working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Supported by the European Commission through its Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), they identify and support innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Game-based Simulations & VR Improve Safety In Logistics

Image credit: Bondi Labs VR Training

With teams in Brisbane, Melbourne, London, and Beijing, Bondi Labs designs and builds research-based products that address global challenges in Supply Chain & Logistics, Biosecurity Awareness & Inspection, Workplace Safety, and Food Quality Control.
The company leverages on 3D simulations and virtual reality (VR) to improve safety in logistics, using game-based training to engage, improve and standardize behavior.
Biosecurity Simulation Training

Bondi Labs created its first game-based simulation for biosecurity inspection on the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project. Situated off the northwest coast of Western Australia, it is one of the largest natural gas (LNG) Read the rest

The Hidden Benefits of Gamification

The motivational benefits of gamification are obvious: by creating a comprehensive structure of rewards and challenges, a gamification platform can encourage employee engagement and recognize achievements. Workers respond to incentives.

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Author: Noah Brimhall
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GA New Statewide Game-based Assessment

Image credit: Keenville – A Georgia Game-Based Assessment Initiative

The Georgia Department of Education has been working to develop a “game-based assessment” for the first and second grades – the Keenville AssessmentThe state collaborated with the Georgia Center for Assessment at the University of Georgia and FableVision Studios on the project. 

According to GaDOE, traditional tests are not developmentally appropriate for young learners, and too often capture only one moment in time. Game-based assessment provides an alternative that is research-based and adds value for students, educators and parents.
Scot Osterweil, MIT Research Director, says “there is mounting evidence Read the rest

Virtual Reality Accelerating Its Merger With Education

“Feeling the Content”
Image credit: Mendel Grammar School in Opava City, Czech Republic
Virtual biology and anatomy lesson: students are transported to a virtual classroom – a skeletal model with interactive components, like bones and organs. Students can manipulate parts of the model at will, using just their hands.

As the technology behind virtual and augmented reality becomes more advanced, the possibilities of use expand in an exciting way. Now, virtual reality is becoming a realistic option for classrooms.

According to Cornell Chronicle, in a new study by Cornell University, scientists explore whether the compelling, immersive nature of virtual Read the rest

Last Call for Serious Games Competition

Last Call for Education, Training Game Entries: Feb 15

LOS ANGELES – Feb.5, 2019 — Entries in the International Serious Play Awards competition for digital training and educational games due Feb, 15, 2019

Serious Play’s 11 year old award program recognizes outstanding games designed for use for education or training in business, government/military, healthcare, museums, higher ed, K12.

To submit a game, use the following link:

Board game entries can be submitted up to March 1.


Sue Bohle

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Upcoming Biomes Update To Ecology & Economics Game Eco 8.0

Image credit: Strange Loop Games 

EcoEducational Game Release 8.0

Eco is an online game where players must collaborate to build a civilization in a world where everything they do affects the environment. All resources come from a simulated ecosystem, with thousands of plants and animals simulating 24/7.

In the game, you live on a planet with other real players. Your goal is to go from having nothing to having enough technology to destroy a meteor. Through the player-run government and economy, you work together to build the technology to stop a meteor on a collision course with the Read the rest