Being Silly and a Flash Christmas Sale

How do gamification folk! You all ready for Christmas?

So a very short blog, you may have noticed I’ve taken it a bit easier this year, everyone deserves a break 😀

Being Silly

It sounds very unbusinesslike, but it is so important just to do things for fun from time to time. I’ve spoken about Easter Eggs in the past, but I wanted to just briefly revisit them.

Easter Eggs are a reward for people who want to explore deeper than most would. I firmly believe that you should try to include them whenever you can, even if there is a … Read the rest

Serious Games Industry News Service, Business Website Launches Today

Serious Play Wire, a free news service covering new game-based products, platforms, simulations, technology and software as well as announcements about people, college game programs and analyst reports launches today.

The direct to email news feed is for anyone in the Serious Games Industry: corporate learning officers; government, military and healthcare training professionals; business consultancies; medical, nursing and pharmaceutical school faculty; instructional designers; solution providers; game developers; higher ed faculty; ed tech teachers, school administrators and curriculum designers; students interested in a career in the serious games industry; and VCs and principals of investment firms.

Serious Play Wire is Read the rest

Are Points and Badges Dead in Gamification?

I suppose an alternative title to this could be “Should Points and Badges Be Dead in Gamification”

When you look at gamification, you will see two main streams of thought on the use of points and badges in gamification.

The first and probably most prevalent is that the simple addition of points and badges to a problem will make it more engaging and fun. The second is that points and badges have no place in “good” gamification.

I have sat on both sides of the fence over the last few years and have come to the conclusion that the answer … Read the rest

2019 Winners Announced Today @ Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Awards Ceremony

Image credit: 14th Serious Games Showcase & Challenge @ I/ITSEC 2019

The seven categories of SGS&C winners were announced today at the Awards Ceremony. Congrats to all for the superb quality of this year’s submissions!

Here are this year’s winners:

Best Government Game – Chain of Command: Capture the Seas by Naval Information Warfare Command PMW-120

Best Business Game – Swibo Tilt by Swibo Ltd.

Best Student Game – SIGNALby UC Berkeley and the Project on Nuclear Gaming

Best XR Game – VestAid Game Suite by Intelligent Automation, Inc.

5 reasons why online casino games are increasing in popularity

Casino games are some of the most popular types of games right now. For a very long time, casino game was looked down upon, and now it has become one of the most sought after types of games due to the fact that they are readily available in the form of online casino games. Online casinos are some of the most popular types of games which allows everyone to enjoy the game. This is not just limited to the holidays or any special occasions they are still growing in popularity, and there are many reasons for it. Here are the … Read the rest

Understanding Gamification In Online Casinos

Gamification is a new and unique concept which allows one to engage their customers on a deeper level. This allows them to be motivated enough to choose the right activity and move on to the next sites, less building loyalty. There are many processes which can help ensure that gamification can motivate the customers to spend more time browsing the site. Online casino gamification is a process which is a fairly recent concept which is largely based on classic successes. As this is an online platform, there is a lot of chance of trial and errors, which is the best … Read the rest

Top Marketing Gamification Cases

Marketing gamification is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients and projects are being noticed. There is many startups out there who want to help your product with the help of gamification. This is a process which can help you create a winning product that provides an addictive experience. Even the mid-sized company can use these gamification process to target the right market segment, which can keep them actively engaged with the right audience. Casinos are one of the best places which are taking the Gamification process by storm. There are many people who are looking at … Read the rest

Types Of Gamification Features

Gamification at online casinos is on the rise, and there are many techniques which are being used to help with some of the casino games. With people opting for mobile casino gaming, it is more than easy to get the concept of gamification in the idea. Gamification is the process of using video games elements on the non-video platform to help promote the key aspects of the platform. This is the reason; we see a rise in these distinctive video game characteristics, elements and in-lobby features. It is important that people understand that technology is constantly changing, and so is … Read the rest

How To Promote Casino With Gamification

Gamification is one of the most effective ways of creating and keeping interested in the games towards the people. It is also one of the best marketing tools which allow you to be the best when creating and keeping interested among people. This is one of the best ways to help promote your product or services through online games. These technology aims are increasing sales using unconventional methods. The developers can easily carry the analysis of computer video games and easily use the concept to implement them through business projects. One of the main benefits of the tool is to … Read the rest