@ Games For Change Serious Game To Test Your Fake News Judgment

From June 28 – 30, 2018, Games for Change has celebrated the 15th annual G4C Festival in New York City.

In the Games for Learning Summit conference track, Lindsay Grace, the Director of American University Game Lab, provided an inside look at how the creation of Factitious leveraged the talents of game designers and journalists.

Developed at JoLT, a collaboration between AU Game Lab and School of Communication tasked with exploring the intersection of journalism and game design, Factitious is an engaging news game that challenges players to detect fake stories from a set of real and fake online Read the rest

The Worldwide Educational Game Market In Boom Phase Says Metaari


The 2018-2023 Global Game-based Learning Market Report Highlights:

“Major global market catalysts are creating very favorable market conditions for suppliers.”

“The industry has undergone a profound transformation in just the last two years. The pace of innovation at the root of the booming market is astonishing.”

“Revenues will more than triple in all eight buying segments over the forecast period and will surge more than five times in four of them.”

The supply-side analysis provides five-year revenue breakouts for custom educational game development Read the rest

Serious Games Increasing Travel Agents’ Cruise Sales

News at FIU (Florida International University) has just published an interesting article titled “Can Video Games Boost Cruise Bookings?” summarizing the main findings of a new study conducted by Lizette Calvo, an alumna of the FIU doctoral program in curriculum and instruction, who is the study’s lead author and a co-designer of the Serious Game.

The Carnival Adventures game, developed for Carnival Cruise Lines, was intended to help agents sell cruises to people who are new to cruising, which requires an agent to know the options available that would appeal to young, single customers or to those traveling with Read the rest

Videogames: Pleasure and Dependence – Press Release Games for Change Europe

Is Intensive Game Playing a Mental Health Condition?!


Join Games for Change Europe in Paris for a spectacular seminar “Videogames: Pleasure & Dependence” and find out by yourself…


Compulsive game playing is now a mental health condition, the World Health Organization announced Monday June 18, in the latest edition of its disease classification manual.


This decision raises important questions:


♦ What are the Signs & Symptoms of Videogame Addiction?

♦ Is game addiction a pleasure-seeking dysfunction or a passion-seeking endeavor?

♦ What are the foundations for game addiction?

♦ Is there a relationship between Game Addiction and Psychological Distress?

♦ … Read the rest

How Games and VR Frame Refugee Issues

Carne y Arena – Alejandro GonzálezIñárritu © Legendary
Darfur is Dying and Food Force
In 2006, I visited the G4C Festival for the first time. In a break-out session, I initiated a conversation on games as a documentary medium. Drawing from the poetics of documentary, we discussed how docu-games mix ‘documenting’ and ‘fictionalizing’ elements to make Games for Change more attractive and persuasive for a game- playing audience (see my article ‘Reality Play,’ available on the G4C Resource Center website). At the Games Expo, I saw Susana Ruiz present Darfur is Dying (2006), a Flash-based browser game about the crisis Read the rest

Game to grow: esports as a learning platform


The new North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) started as a regional league in Southern California and quickly garnered the enthusiastic support of teachers and administrators – and also drew in a subset of students that typically are not otherwise engaged in school.


Anthony Saba is Head of School at Samueli Academy, a public charter high school with two teams. He said, “Kids are going to game anyway, so creating a healthy atmosphere with academic accountability is a good thing. Research demonstrates a strong alignment between competitive engagement and in-school academics.”


In NASEF, coaching on game skills and team Read the rest

⏰ 1 Week Left to Purchase Tickets for #G4C18 ⏰


The Games for Change Festival is only 1 week away!

Register now to snag the last few spots in reserved sessions and a ticket to AU & HEVGA’s networking happy hour. 

Join AU & HEVGA’s Happy Hour

Receive an invitation to join #G4C18’s Happy Hour with American University Game LabHigher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA) and theEntertainment Software Association (ESA) on Friday, June 29th after purchasing a ticket to the Festival. Make sure to register to receive your Happy Hour invite!

Author: Leandro Huerto
Source: http://www.gamesforchange.org/blog/2018/06/21/%E2%8F%B0-1-week-left-to-purchase-tickets-for-g4c18-%E2%8F%B0/Read the rest

XR4C – A Curator’s Perspective + Free Membership To Virtual World Society


XR for Change – A curator’s perspective

The XR for Change Summit is less than two weeks away and we could not be more excited about it. While curating speakers for the Summit my goal was to explore how immersive technologies are being used to address real-world challenges, create empathy and drive social change. The three main areas we have focused on for this year’s Summit are health, education and social impact.
More than 30 speakers and panelists from all over the world will be part of the XR for Change Summit on June 30th. From leading organizations such Read the rest

Considering Age and other factors in Gamification

When speaking to people about gamification, I often hear comments along the line of “Yeah, but games are only for kids”, or “Yeah, but the age groups who work here are not interested in games”.

What is very nice these days, is how easy it is to dispell these myths with statistics (yeah I know, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics).

Roughly (I say this as this is coming from multiple sources and 2017 quarters), in the UK, 43% of people aged 6-64 say that they play video games in some form. Of that group, 57% are … Read the rest