What Kids Say About Games, and Can We Listen?



When designing games, focus groups may playtest and offer feedback to designers. The goal, of course, is to create the most meaningful and fun experience possible for the end users: the players. But what about educational games?

What Kids Say About Games & Can We Listen? was the subject of a panel at South by Southwest Education (SXSW EDU) this March, moderated by Games for Change’s president Susanna Pollack. Panelists included iCivics’ Louise Dube’, middle school teacher Steve Isaacs, and myself—Matthew Farber, an assistant professor at the University of Northern Colorado.

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Teaching the Value of Money with Games

We don’t give our daughters pocket money. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is a concern about their understanding of the value of money. This is especially true for our eldest daughter who has dyscalculia. This means she struggles with, among other things, understanding magnitude.

This, added to the fact she is 11, means that money is a very abstract concept for her. As soon as she has it, it needs to be spent. This is not much different from any other kids if we are honest, but it is particularly bad for her … Read the rest

G4C Industry Circle: Yogome on Developing an EdTech Strategy



On April 19th, join the third installment of the Games for Change 2017-2018 Industry Circle. The Industry Circle is a program that acknowledges the achievements and opportunities in the impact games sector by highlighting leading studies that have made a significant contribution to our community. Industry Circle member Yogome shares an article below about developing an inclusive EdTech strategy to reach a diverse and global education community. We hope the following article from the Yogome Team inspires your questions for the Webinar and Q&A taking place April 19 at 2

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Client vs User Needs – The Solution Sweet Spot

I have spoken a great deal about looking carefully at the needs of a project and exploring what the real issue is that you are trying to solve. The aim has been to get you to consider the Why of a solution more than that What or the How!

I wanted to give you one more way to consider this question, I just can’t stress how important it is for the gamification industry as a whole for us to get better at answering it!

When you are doing your research, you will discover and analyze the needs of … Read the rest





Be part of Games for Change’s 15th anniversary as we celebrate the groundbreaking work from the games for impact community over the years. From June 28 – 30, you will also have the unique opportunity to explore the latest developments that continue to push social impact games and immersive technology forward.


G4C is pleased to announce that the annual Games for Change Festival will feature Keynote presentations from Jeffrey Burrel (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Riot Games); Kate Edwards ((CESO & Principal Consultant at Geogrify); Rajesh Anandan (Senior Vice President Unicef Ventures, UNICEF USA). Learn

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How to use Gamification to Influence Your Friends

How to use Gamification to Influence Your Friends You can usually tell when someone is trying to persuade or influence you. However, I actually like the idea of being influenced or persuaded to do things that I want to do.  Is this true for you? In general, it feels good to be included in interesting, … Continue reading How to use Gamification to Influence Your Friends

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Serious Games Conference: 100+ Speakers On The Future Of Serious Games

Serious Play Conference, now in its 10th year, brings together Serious Game developers, instructional designers, training leads and others implementing learning programs in government, corporations, healthcare institutions, museums, K12 and higher education. Sam Adkins, CEO of analyst firm Metaari, will highlight his new five year forecast report on the global market for Serious Games.

Game developers can advance their knowledge of the needs of each market and rub shoulders with purchasers. Educational sessions for developers include sessions on the use of virtual reality in different types of games, an expert on how to prove game efficacy, an attorney offering legal Read the rest

How to use Jedi mind tricks on your wife to get things done

Note: this post was written by Jun Loayza. Ok… Juniper will nap from 9:30am to 10:30am. When she wakes up, I’ll feed her and then we’ll quickly jump in the car and drive to story time at 11:15am. After story time, we’ll head back home for lunch and then playtime until her next nap. During … Continue reading How to use Jedi mind tricks on your wife to get things done

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Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

I recently wrote a blog for Motivait, the poor people who employ me, all about the future of loyalty. It got me thinking about the nature of loyalty, something I have not really thought about since my 2015 talk at GWC.

Rather than looking into the future though, my thoughts turned to where do people’s loyalties lie. More specifically, are they loyal to your company or to your loyalty card?

If I look at two loyalty programs, you may see what I am getting at. The two are Nectar and Tesco.

Tesco Loyalty Card

The Tesco … Read the rest

Why XR Technologies Matter

“Progress isn’t guaranteed. It’s not inevitable. It’s something that has to be fought for.” —President Obama


On a chilly DC December day, a ragtag crowd of developers, researchers, artists and producers shuffled through secret service and made their way to the Indian Treaty Room to attend the first VR for Social Change Summit at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). They had one thing in common; all were specifically working to leverage VR and AR to advance social change.    


The event was the definition of last minute, nearly an after-thought.  At OSTP we were in the Read the rest