MIT Playful Assessment Reshaping Classroom Practices

Image credit: The MIT Teaching Systems Lab

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab designs, implements, and researches the future of teacher learning.

According to the website, “all around the world, educational leaders are working to support more ambitious teaching and learning in classrooms – with less recitation and passive listening, and more active engagement and student-centered learning.”

Playful Assessment is one of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab current projects. The Advisory Board is composed by James Paul Gee, Kylie Peppler, Director of the Creativity Labs at Indiana University Bloomington, and Kevin Miklasz, the Senior Director of Data and Prototyping Lab at Read the rest

The Man in the Hat: Anxiety, Public Speaking and Dave Rage

I’ve not been shy about talking about my issues with anxiety and depression over the years. They are a part of my life and something that I am not ashamed of these days.

However, not being ashamed of them does not make them go away!

Anxiety is the biggest problem on a daily basis. A large portion of my time is spent wanting to curl up into a ball and hide from the world. cutting any and all contact with other humans. That is part of the reason that I used to love online gaming. I didn’t have … Read the rest

CCO Dan Norton On What Makes Great Learning Games Great

Image credit: Filament Games

Making great learning games is both an art and a science. It takes practice, experience, and a whole lot of talent.  Making something that has never existed is a risky endeavor but Filament Games seems to have a safety net – a philosophy and methodology that produces highly efficacious and deeply engaging learning games.

Today, they decided to share a video they put together about “How We Make Great Learning Games”. In about 15 minutes, they distill their tried-and-true methodology that they’ve honed over the last 11 years.

It’s delivered by their very own Chief Creative Read the rest