Serious Games Advancing Community Cyber Security Capabilities

New Educational Games Designed At UTSA Teach Students About Cybersecurity

Two cybersecurity educational games to teach cryptography and cybersecurity principles to middle school students were made available for community input through the month of July.  


The UTSA Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security (CIAS)designed the games as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant to develop effective ways that introduce students to cybersecurity principles through game-based learning platforms. The CIAS was seeking feedback from teachers and players while the games were available in their beta release form.

“In addition to the community’s help in identifying any potential bugs Read the rest

Playbrush Smart Toothbrush Review (Or, “How I have to admit when I’m wrong..”)

About 2 years ago I was speaking at a Gamifiers event in London. One of the other speakers spoke about a new product called “Playbrush”. It was an add-on for a toothbrush that allowed it to interact with a mobile device like an iPad. As well as the add-on, there were a couple of games that it controlled on the mobile device. The idea was to encourage kids to brush for longer and with higher efficiency because they want to progress in the games.

It is fair to say the idea got mauled by us all. I hold … Read the rest