John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 1

In March, John Moravec at Education Futures conducted a survey asking “Does The Future Need Schools?

John has reached out to a select, diverse group of contacts from around the world to help bring some insight to the subject, aiming to generate an ecology of ideas for future research.

“As the future of work seems to become increasingly uncertain, schools charged with creating future-ready workers have changed very little over the past few centuries,” says Moravec. “A school from 2018 looks and functions little different than a school in 1918 would have operated. As we look 10, 20, Read the rest

#G4C18 Festival Program: Children’s Media Highlights


Join fellow content creators, educators and researchers at the Games for Change Festival to explore current media trends and opportunities for innovation.  Panel, talks and workshops at #G4C18 include:

  • Mimi Ito (University of California Irvine) will share her perspectives on children’s changing relationships to media and communications

  • Kristin Cook (Sesame Workshop) will describe how the game Big Bird’s Comfy-Cozy Nest helps children cope with traumatic experiences

  • Panelists from BBC Studios, Preloaded and Google will join moderator Susanna Pollack (Games for Change) to go behind the scenes of BBC Earth: Life In VR



Author: Leandro Huerto
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#G4C18 Festival Program: EdTech Highlights



Meet with potential funders, network with future partners and gain practical advice for developing, marketing and sustaining your EdTech projects.  Join us at #G4C18 for these sessions and more:

  • Gonzalo Frasca (DragonBox) will describe the challenges involved in creating a full math curriculum with games, printed textbooks and storybooks

  • David Langendoen and Leah Potter (WNET/Electric Funstuff) will share how the educational game series Mission US stays relevant and sustainable

  • Anne Richards (Cracking Wise Interactive) will lead panelists from Teachley, BrainPOP, Curriculum Associates and Classroom, Inc. to reveal lessons learned from designing game-inspired experiences for classrooms

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The XR for Change Program Is Live!


The XR for Change Summit program is LIVE!

With a day full of talks, breakouts, and demos, the XR for Change Summit will showcase a range of promising immersive projects and emerging technologies. Join fellow developers, storytellers, researchers, journalists, artists, nonprofits and more to explore how AR/VR/MR can drive social good.

New sessions have been announced:

  • Could immersive experiences of racism in VR be an effective tool in the fight for racial equality? Learn what teams at Columbia and Stanford have discovered with assistant professor Courtney Cogburn and her project, 1000 Cut Journey.

  • Join Boo Aguilar (FLAGCX) and Adam

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My Mental Health and How Gamification Has Helped

It is mental health awareness week, so I felt this would be a good opportunity to share with you one nugget of life strategy that gamification helped me learn.

I have made no secret that I have suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life. These have, at times, crippled me in ways that those without the issues find hard to understand. The truth is that no matter what strategy you may think you have, the first step is always to accept help. Easier said than done, but it is essential. No one should or can go … Read the rest

CFP: Curious Games’18

We are inviting submissions to the first international workshop on curiosity in games, co-located with the Foundations of Digital Games 2018 conference in Malmö, Sweden on August 7–10, 2018. Submissions are due May 31, 2018. Curiosity is emerging as an important source of gameplay engagement in HCI. At the same time, game design has begun […]

Author: Gamification Research Network
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The #G4C18 Festival Program is Live



More than 100 speakers from around the world will take you behind the scenes of groundbreaking games, to the front lines of top development challenges and into the future with cutting edge research. Join us to be inspired, get informed and celebrate 15 years of impact at the #G4C18 Festival!

New Sessions Have Been Announced:

Through the process of making Asylum Seeker, Sisi Wei (ProPublica) and Nicholas Fortugno (Playmatics) will explore the meaning of truth in games for investigative journalism
In a workshop based on the board game Factuality, participants will discuss … Read the rest

Practical Play

Serious games and serious play both have an issue. The issue is, the word serious. It sounds far too, well, serious!

I have heard lots of people complaining about this, somewhat misunderstanding what the serious refers to. “Why can’t it be fun, not serious?” “Serious does not sound fun, that can’t be right!”

Obviously the serious in these terms is there to differentiate entertainment focused and non-entertainment focused games. That is to say, games that we play just to enjoy the experience and games that we play to achieve something, such as learning and skills acquisition.

I have … Read the rest

New Speakers at the XR for Change Summit!


Announcing first speakers for the
XR for Change Summit on June 30th!


Tom Furness is an amalgam of Professor, Inventor and Entrepreneur in a professional career that spans 52 years. In addition to his contributions in photonics, electro-optics, and human interface technology, he is an original pioneer of virtual and augmented reality technology and widely known as the ‘grandfather’ of virtual reality. He is the founder of the family of Human Interface Technology Laboratories around the world, as well as the founder and chairman of the Virtual World Society, a non-profit for extending VR as a learning system for … Read the rest

💭 XR Brain Jam: Come Brainstorm New XR Experiences with Neuroscientists


Are you a XR creator or neuroscience researcher? Apply to join the XR Brain Jam!

From June 25-27, XR for Change will host its second annual XR Brain Jam as part of the G4C Festival in NYC. Based on the wildly successful inaugural Brain Jam held last year, G4C, Carnegie Mellon University and the Engaged Learning Network will host a 2 day jam where neuroscience researchers are paired with XR development teams to explore the intersection of their domains.
This intersection of XR and neuroscience has already demonstrated amazing potential. We have seen projects use this new technology to … Read the rest