Why Fear is Contagious

Fear is contagious Why do we wriggle with fear based on someone else’s assessment? Why do we care so much about so-called experts’ opinions on what to fear (and when and where to fear it)? In discussion of newsworthy events , it is common to hear borrowed phrases. ‘Did you know the new president will … Continue reading Why Fear is Contagious

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Author: Erik Mechelen
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The Convergence of Gaming and Gambling?

Post written by Joseph Macey In the last few days and weeks the relationship between digital games and gambling has become a topic of interest to mainstream society with both national media and politicians debating the topic 4, 30. This is the latest aspect that has seen increased attention placed on the role of gambling, […]

Author: Juho Hamari
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Serious Games To Solve Logistical Challenges And Keep Flights On Time

Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. (ECS) is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withInstallation Deployment Officer (IDO) Training Simulation

The IDO Training Sim is a real-time, conversation-based simulator revolving around the people management and swift decision-making challenges experienced as a day in the life of a USAF (United States Air Force) Installation Deployment Officer.

This IDO Training Sim is intended to be a capstone experience that students play after completing a full traditional classroom course and curriculum on the roles and responsibilities of being an Installation Read the rest

Serious Games Offering Players An Inroad To The World Of Robotics

Filament Games is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withRoboEngineers

RoboEngineers is an immersive VR sandbox where players can design, build, and test their own robot, offering players an engaging inroad to the world of robotics and mechanical engineering.

As an open-ended robotics sandbox experience, RoboEngineers will afford players the ability to form hypotheses, build robots, test, and iterate, mirroring the processes of project-based robotics and maker programs.

In addition to robot construction, RoboEngineers also offers “challenge courses” that test players’ ability to build to specification. Read the rest

Mattia’s Habitica Design Challenge Entry

In early 2017, The Octalysis Group ran a design challenge based on improving Habitica. Here is Mattia’s excellent entry. Have a look at these slides! Habitica Design Challenge Finalist for Octalysis – Mattia Ongaro from Yu-kai Chou (yukai@yukaichou.com) There are more design challenges happening now! Check out the Food Heroes Design Challenge right now, and … Continue reading Mattia’s Habitica Design Challenge Entry

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Why Is Everyone Losing Their Minds Over Loot Crates?

If you had not noticed, loot crates have been making some waves in the gaming world of late. Bonus containers awarded at the end of a game, these boxes deliver mystery rewards to the player when they finish. Most games use them to give the player “vanity” items, such as new clothes or gestures, but some use them in less welcome ways.

Recently EA and DICE drew serious hear from gamers when it transpired that all progression in Battlefront 2, the latest Star Wars blockbuster game, was managed through loot crates. At the end of each game, the … Read the rest

HR Gamification Day 2017 – Slides

Busy Busy Busy!

This week I presented an introduction to gamification and play talk at the HR Gamification Day in Madrid. It was a fabulous event, with some amazing speakers. The venue was also just incredible! A big thanks to The Key Talent for the invite. it was fun meeting up with friends old and new.

I am also speaking at Gamification Europe next week, all about failure… If you don’t have a ticket yet, go and get one now 🙂

That does mean less time to write anything good for you lovely people. Instead here are my … Read the rest

Three New Civics Serious Games Make Use Of Library of Congress Primary Sources

KidCitizen Screenshot – Image credit: Muzzy Lane Software
The Library of Congress announced last week the release of three new, free Educational Serious Games, all of which make extensive use of the online collections of the Library of Congress.

These “Serious Games” were developed by three organizations selected and supported by grants from the Library to create applications for use in K-12 classrooms. Each game is intended to provide young people with engaging and meaningful opportunities to learn about Congress and civic participation using primary sources from the Library’s online collections.

(For more on effective strategies for teaching with primary Read the rest