Play Games, Enjoy Games and be a Better Gamification Designer

Over the year my opinion on the need to love games to be a good gamification designer has fluctuated. In the early days, I was more flexible on the idea. It was all about psychology in a nearly pure form, understand behaviour and use that understanding to encourage the behaviours that you want. The “game” aspect was less important as gamification is not making games!

However, as I work on more and more projects it becomes clear that this is rubbish. Anything beyond the most simple of applications of gamification needs a solid understanding of games. It is … Read the rest

Adventures @ FITology | #3 – Fit Team Challenge | Alternate Reality Game

This post was written by Saamir Gupta. The topmost concern of multinational consulting organizations these days is keeping the employees happy. How to keep a track of employee engagement when teams are spread across the world? How to make sure that employees know other team mates when they are constantly traveling for work or are … Continue reading Adventures @ FITology | #3 – Fit Team Challenge | Alternate Reality Game

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Congratulations 2017 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Finalists!

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is excited to announce the 20 finalists in the Business, Government and Student categories for 2017! SGS&C team was so impressed with all the submissions this year, and they really enjoyed learning and playing the games during the downselect.

The 2017 finalists in the Business Category are:

Aflac Trivia by BreakAway Games;

ARTé: Mecenas by Triseum;

Bionautica Trails by;

Cloud Defense by Gronstedt Group;

Earthlight Arcade by Opaque Space;

Game of Sales by EI Games LLC;

Installation Deployment Officer (IDO) Training Simulation by Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc.;

Martha Madison by Second Avenue Learning; Read the rest

Overcome Your Cognitive Biases: Expert Analysis of ‘Super Forecasting’

Read and written by Erik van Mechelen Wake up to your cognitive biases and you will see more There are many ways to learn about your cognitive biases. You might start by reading Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, or the scientific paper he wrote in 1974 with his friend and colleague Amos Tversky, ‘Judgment under Uncertainty: … Continue reading Overcome Your Cognitive Biases: Expert Analysis of ‘Super Forecasting’

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What You Want vs What You Need

My JuJitsu instructor always used to say,

“I’ll teach you what you need, not what you want”

This always struck me as a fabulous way to look at teaching in general and one that I used myself as a JuJitsu instructor, mentor and everything else I have done that involved passing information to others.

Getting what you want is very rarely as important as getting what you need. In fact, getting what you need more often that not allows you to then earn what you want. In martial arts, like most things, you need the foundations, the … Read the rest

Games Mindset Increasingly Prevalent In Business & Education

Image: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Two recent articles address the beneficial correlations between 1) games and business mindset and 2) gaming and education.

The first article “Gamification to become increasingly prevalent in the world of business” is authored by Marcus Thornley, Founder of Play Consulting, a consultancy and digital product innovation studio based in London and Dublin. In the article, he explores how gamification is re-wiring brains and shaping behaviors in society and business.

PERSONAL NOTE: Although I have always hesitated to embrace the “gamification” concept, I must recognize it has the merit of mitigating Read the rest

Laurel & Wolf — Product Friction

This post is by Ali Shadle. Product Friction is any obstacle that prevents a user from getting real, tangible value from a product. Learn the secrets to building the path of least resistance from popular web applications! Understanding where products make me feel uncomfortable Ali Shadle has created a way to teardown the user experience … Continue reading Laurel & Wolf — Product Friction

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Serious Board Game Award Competition

Entries in Serious Board Game Award Competition Due Jan 15

Entries in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards for tabletop board and card games used in education or training are due January 15, 2018. 

Any game launched after May 2017 is eligible. Award categories include: Pre-K, K-6 and K7-12 education; higher education; healthcare; corporate; museums; and military/government. The game must be playable independent of the designer.

Entrants will be asked to send six copies of their game to judges. 

For more information,

Serious Games Association also has an award competition for digital Serious Games. Entries are due Feb. Read the rest

Study Results: Serious Games As Digital Health Interventions

PlayForward: Elm City Stories. Image Credit play2PREVENT 

 play2PREVENT Lab Study’s results published early September 2017 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that PlayForward “Serious Game” was effective in improving positive attitudes about sexual health among adolescents

Following my previous post Jesse Schell On Serious Games @ Serious Play 2013, which covered PlayForward: Elm City Stories as a gold medal winner in the Healthcare/Medical category of the International Serious Play Awards, the Yale News has recently reported that “video games might soon have a place in classrooms as tools to help educate adolescents about public health issues.” 

With Read the rest

Gamification Lessons from Candy Crush and Soda Saga

Candy Crush Saga from King games is one of the worlds most played games, boasting 93 million daily players at one point! I have always avoided it, but my wife has been into it for years. Finally, when she was explaining a level on the spin-off game Soda Saga, I cracked and downloaded it.

For those that don’t know, Candy Crush and Soda Saga are a genre of puzzle game called “Match 3”, first popularised by Bejewelled (though Shariki was actually the first). The basic concept sees you start with a board full of colourful tokens and you … Read the rest