Serious Play Conference Speakers Preview: David Conover

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David Conover, an innovative high school at risk teacher, engages his students — and stimulates an interest in a career in technology – by having the students build games and simulations for young patients at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.

In one of first projects, Conover’s class created a simulation around infectious diseases for use with Minecraft, a popular software that lets kids program. Next, he took on helping them use AI and simple robotics to create games that help Read the rest

How to Design Games to Make Yourself More Social

This article was written by Erik van Mechelen based on a conversation between Octalysis Prime member Russell Lee and Yu-kai Chou about how to design personal games for the practice of being more social.  Developing a Practice of Being More Social In our most recent Octalysis Prime Brief (a place to chat for Octalysis Prime members … Continue reading How to Design Games to Make Yourself More Social

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What’s the difference between Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Rewards

A very common question in gamification is “What is the difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic” when talking about rewards and motivation. Well..

  • Intrinsic motivation: Personal/internal needs and reasons acting.
    • Relatedness, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are examples of this.
    • You don’t play video games for the reward, you play because you enjoy them
    • You read for pleasure, not monetary reward.
    • You spend time with your family because you want to.
    • Learn because you want to improve and be better.
  • Extrinsic reward: An external reward, such as money, that is used to encourage action.
    • Studying just to get a good
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A Revised Gamification Design Framework

Gamification Design Framework Overview

I have created various gamification design frameworks over the years and this is the latest.

It consists of three main phases; Define, Design / Build and Refine. Each phase contains iterative steps to consider as you build your solution.

Gamification Design Framework Overview

Gamification Design Framework Overview


The discovery phase is all about unearthing the real problem that needs solving and then understanding more about the people you are solving it for. It consists of three mains steps.

Define the Problem

I have written about this in the past. What a client wants and what they need are often very different things. The

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The Periodic Table of Gamification Elements

Periodic Table of Gamification Elements

Just a quick post to officially introduce the Periodic Table of Gamification Elements. This is all 52 of my Gamification Mechanics and Elements in a pretty table 🙂

I will probably put this up for sale as a laminated poster at some point.

Periodic Table of Gamification Elements

Periodic Table of Gamification Elements

My next blog will be explaining my new design framework, but as a teaser here is a quick video I did to introduce part of it.

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