2017 Yearly Roundup

It’s that time of year again, where I list out all the posts of the year! It has been an odd year for me, with a couple of major job changes for me and other events! However, I have tried to keep up my blogging and have had a few popular ones this year 😉

Next year I am looking to get a new / updated book published (depends on who publishes it!) and who knows, I may even start looking at the PhD everyone seems to want me to do!

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Open positions in Gamification Group

Gamification Group opens 1-3 positions on academic career stages of doctoral students and/or postdoctoral researchers at University of Turku, Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere. http://gamification.group Apply Gamification Group (http://gamification.group) under Professor Juho Hamari is part of the newly established Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies (https://coe-gamecult.org/). Gamification Group is hiring immediately 1-2 […]

Author: Juho Hamari
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Intrinsic Motivation RAMP Misconceptions

As we head to the holidays I wanted to revisit an old “model” and just clarify a couple of items that have cropped up in conversation over the years. The item in question is RAMP. This, as you may remember, is my core intrinsic motivation model of Relatedness, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Obviously, based on Self Determination Theory, this has been a really handy tool in all of my gamification exploits over the years.

The basic idea is these are 4 motivations that are core to all people in some way. In self-determination theory, Deci and Ryan … Read the rest

Octalysis Budapest: Gamification and Behavior Design Workshop–Budapest, Hungary, April 13-15 2018

Octalysis Gamification Workshop Yu-kai Chou was recently voted by his peers at the Gamification UK conference as Gamification Guru of the Year for 2017. Yu-kai loves sharing knowledge about human-focused design encapsulated by the 8 Core Drives of Octalysis and helping experience designers use the Octalysis Strategy Dashboard, Power-Ease Feature List, and Battleplan to manage, design, … Continue reading Octalysis Budapest: Gamification and Behavior Design Workshop–Budapest, Hungary, April 13-15 2018

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Author: Erik Mechelen
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Serious Games As Your Own Personalized And Affordable Virtual Academy

Solar Games is a studio based in Nice, on the French Riviera, that develops game-based learning solutions and team management tools.

Founded in 2011 by engineers coming from the video-game industry, today Solar Games has a solid customer base, including major international companies and several professional training organizations.

Based on a proprietary game engine, their solutions are used for content management, co-working and distance learning. Their unique approach allows users to connect to the platform using customizable avatars to explore the various 3D environments, individually or in teams.