Why You Should Create Year-END Resolutions

Why You Should Create Year-END Resolutions Have you started thinking about your New Years’ Resolutions yet? If you haven’t, you’re likely to be tempted by the torrent of articles written this time of year on the subject. But you know better. New Years’ Resolutions don’t really work. I’ve been talking with Yu-kai, and prefers something … Continue reading Why You Should Create Year-END Resolutions

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Author: Erik Mechelen
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Serious Games Disseminating A Streamlined Business Process Across The Globe

Deloitte Center for Immersive Learning is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category with Sales Command.

Sales Command is a turn-based strategy game for the dissemination of a new approach to selling to clients across the globe. Aimed at sales force in the wake of a major process change, it has been deployed to acclimate employees to the new process rollout.

The Serious Game works as a single platform for sales representatives to experience the benefits of a streamlined business process: how they can compete on a global basis, close deals much more quickly and collaboratively, thus Read the rest

Serious Game Training Air Force Members Assigned to PAR Teams

ARA Virtual Heroes, the Serious Games Division of Applied Research Associates, is this year’s winner in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category with Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Virtual Training Module.

The Serious Game is a 3D immersive trainer that simulates conventional and chemical attacks. Users reconnoiter an air base, practicing preparation and recovery steps by locating, identifying, and mitigating unexploded ordnances, contamination, facility damage, casualties and other potential hazards.

The objective of the PAR Virtual Training Module is to provide potential PAR team members with the ability to demonstrate operational knowledge to respond to an attack in which Read the rest

Free Serious Game Helps Students Grasp The Foundations Of Chemistry

This year’s winner in the Best Mobile Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, U.S. Army STARS: Elements is an innovative free application for high school chemistry teachers to help their students learn the foundations of chemistry in a fun way.

Developed by Army Game Studio, the Serious Game is available for iOS, Androidand WebGL capable browsers. Through interactive models and challenges players can build their own atom, play a game to learn about chemical bonds, explore the periodic table, and test their chemistry knowledge.

In addition, easy to use lesson plans and teacher Read the rest

How 3 smart entrepreneurs found product/market fit with Game Thinking

game-thinking-vennIn my work as a game designer and coach, I help brilliant entrepreneurs from all around the world innovate smarter and faster with Game Thinking. Today, I’m shining a spotlight on these amazing people – and sharing with you the one key quality that sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the crowd.

My clients are a constant source of inspiration and learning. Their feedback has transformed my Game Thinking toolkit into a proven, solid system. I’m deeply gratified by their success using this system to design lasting engagement and accelerate product/market fit.

One striking quality shared by ALL my successful clients is a willingness to be wrong, learn quickly, and keep going.  I see this on the front lines – up close … Read the rest

Games for Change Migrant Challenge: A $10,000 Game Design Competition With the Migration Policy Institute

Send your game ideas about migration integration for our $10,000 challenge! The integration of migrant populations has always been an important issue faced by many countries all around the world. … Read more

Author: Sean Park
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Exploring the Meta-Rules of Play

In my last blog, I introduced the concept of Meta-Rules. These were the non-system or inherent rules that actually guide how people play.

I spoke about them rather abstractly, describing them in the following way

These [meta-rules] rules are beyond what you would consider written or system imposed rules. These are fluid rules that can change moment by moment. These are the rules that define how play unfolds. These are the unspoken rules that children manage to communicate to each other when they are playing, where the situation is constantly changing, but they always seem to be able to adapt

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Mobile Serious Games For Myoelectric Prosthesis Users Training

Design Interactive is a winner in the new Innovation category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with ADAPT-MP suite of games.

Conceived for upper limb amputees, the Serious Games aim to improve users’ skills in performing the muscle activations necessary to control a myoelectric prosthesis.

Utilizing a mobile application with engaging games and mobile EMG to train myoelectric prosthesis users, ADAPT-MPrepresents a significant innovation in pre-prosthetic training, providing a fun training experience and immediate feedback to amputees and care providers on training progress during the period before the prosthesis is available.

According to the developers, “training to use Read the rest

2016 Winners Announced @ Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Last Week

U.S. Army STARS Elements Game Screenshot

Congrats to all for the superb quality of this year’s submissions. And the winners are:

Army Game Studio is this year’s winner in the Best Mobile Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with U.S. Army STARS Elements – Fun with Chemistry. U.S. Army STARS Elements is also the winner of the Student’s Choice and the People’s Choice Awards.

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies / US Army Research Laboratory topped the Government Developed Serious Game category with their USC Standard Patient (object of my prior post USC-ICT Serious Games Read the rest

Whitepaper: SAP Innovative Gamified Platform (IGP) with G-earning

In times where successful companies highly depend on attracting and binding young talents to survive the hard competition of being always on top ranking of innovative companies, it becomes more and more important to find useful and attractive ways to motivate workforce to educate on a regular basis. Gamification is one of the key methods to educate people using different intrinsic engagement elements. SAP has built an own Innovative Gamification Platform (IGP) with G-learning telling a story around SAP and its various global and diverse subsidiaries. Focusing on gamification elements, team-work, live progression and mixing online and live exercises, G-learning

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