GWC16 – Well That Just Happened!

Last week was the 5th edition of Gamification World Congress. I have to admit, it was great fun. There were some extremely good talks, I especially enjoyed the parallel stage that had a nice mix of academic and practical talks going on.

A couple of highlights for me were Kevin Werbach and Yu Kai Chou. Kevin spoke about the need for more rigour in the industry, to start using more empirical data and not just intuition – a cause close to my heart these days! Yu Kai, in the face of his slides not working, pulled off a fabulous talk from the heart

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3 Ways to Encourage Learning & Employee Development

[LIVE WEBINAR] Nov 3rd @11am PST: Join us for a conversation with Volkswagen to learn about specific changes they made to Volkswagen Academy that increased training and course consumptions, and ways that learner progress is communicated to the Volkswagen community. 

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New Release Serious Games To Quickly Build Project Management Capability

Totem Learning has just announced the release of its new Serious Game Unlock: Project Management that aims to quickly build Project Management (PM) capability.

Totem teamed up with Richard Newton, Director of Enixus and renowned expert in the field, to develop the game. His most well-known project management book is The Project Manager: Mastering the Art of Delivery. He is also the author of the best-selling Dream It, Do It, Live It which applies project management principles to achieving personal dreams. His latest book, Project Management Step by Step: How to Plan and Manage a Highly Successful Project, Read the rest

Critical Analysis of “Why We Love Games That Most Enrage Us”: Why We Actually Enjoy Hard Fun

This article was written by Contributing Writer Erik van Mechelen with significant input from Yu-kai Chou and the Octalysis Prime community. All mistakes are Erik’s. All good bits are the community’s.  We Don’t Like Hard Fun Because It Enrages Us Earlier this year, John Pavlus (non-fiction writer and filmmaker) wrote an article about education and hard fun. It … Continue reading Critical Analysis of “Why We Love Games That Most Enrage Us”: Why We Actually Enjoy Hard Fun

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What’s the missing ingredient in your lean product strategy?

If you’re creating games, products, apps or services and embrace a lean/agile mindset. you already know that developing and play-testing your idea with potential customers is pivotal to your success.

But here’s the thing: it’s not always clear exactly WHO you should be testing your ideas on, as you’re bringing your product to life. Which customers should you solicit feedback from early-on? What about validating ideas – who should you pay attention to when there’s conflicting feedback? And as you get closer to launch, how should your play-testing strategy change?

Concentric Rings of Play-testing

circles1Most product creators start out by testing their ideas, sketches and prototypes with a small, trusted circle of people – e.g. the team and … Read the rest

Announcing our first Kickstarter:Epic Orphan, a nuclear risk game

One year ago, Epic Orphan won our N Square Game Design Challenge around nuclear weapons. Now, we’re turning to Kickstarter and crowdfunding the creation of this episodic adventure-puzzle game about nuclear … Read more

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How Enterprise Gamification Aides SaaS Adoption

See first hand how introducing feedback along the desired path, with a focus on collaboration, has helped Fidelity motivate their developer community. REGISTER NOW for our webinar on 10/27 for a conversation with myself and Sandeep Loganathan from Fidelity, who will share specific examples of Fidelity’s success using this approach.  

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[Webinar] Build a faster MVP with Game Thinking

This past Spring, I taught an online Masterclass in Game Thinking. Among dozens of students, one shining star was Vinayek Joglekar – the co-founder of Synerzip, a global tech outsourcing company. Vinayek is a smart serial entrepreneur — and he used our design system to validate and test an innovative new Synerzip project, with GREAT results.

Now it’s full-circle time. Tomorrow — on Wednesday, October 19 at 11 AM – I’m delighted to partner with Vinayek’s company Synerzip and offer an introduction to #GameThinking. If you wanna learn 3 powerful techniques that can 10X your product discovery – you’re welcome to join us for this short, informative webinar.… Read the rest